Beti and David: Lost for Words

BBC One Network & BBC Wales
‘We need a revolution in dementia care’, says Beti George who cared for her late partner David Parry-Jones. Filmed over the course of many months, there is both laughter and tears in this moving, honest and hard-hitting film. It is a remarkable record of two people facing a terrible illness together.

‘…a moving portrait of love, loss and kindness. The more people that watch this profound film on the iPlayer the better.’ – The Daily Telegraph

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Annie’s War: A Welsh Nurse on the Western Front

BBC Wales

The untold story of a Welsh Nurse who spent the whole of the First World War on the front line. Annie Brewer nursed wounded and dying soldiers from the French army.

She won some of the highest medals for gallantry possible for the French government to bestow on civilians. Yet little is known of her life and of the day she almost died when her hospital came under attack and three of her colleagues were killed.

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Connie Fisher on Make-Up

BBC One Wales

Connie Fisher won’t go out without make-up. For her and many women in Wales, putting on her face is part of her daily routine. Connie asks why she and countless other women do it – and who they are doing it for? Is it to find a mate, is it insecurity or is it pressure from society?

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Rhodri Morgan: Ysbïwr yn y Teulu

(Rhodri Morgan: A Spy in the Family)   S4C

A WW1 spy story in which the late Rhodri Morgan investigates the mysterious life of his great uncle who shared political secrets with Lenin in a barbershop in Zurich.

In the months before his death, former First Minister of Wales, Rhodri Morgan, investigated the life of his great uncle, Morgan Watkin, whose secret wartime service reads like something from a novel by John Le Carré.

‘…an intriguing documentary…’ (Tony Allen Mills, ‘Uncovering the murky tale of Lenin and Rhodri Morgan’s family’, The Sunday Times, March 25th 2018)

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Beti George: Colli David

(Approximate translation – ‘Beti George, Alone, Without David’)   S4C

‘Beti George: Colli David’ follows the journalist and former carer as she adjusts to life without her partner, David Parry-Jones, who died in April 2017. Beti had cared for David for 8 years after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.

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T Llew Jones


T Llew Jones was ‘the father of children’s literature in Wales’. He was R.L. Stevenson, Hans Andersen and the Brothers Grimm, all rolled into one. On the centenary of his birth this subtle and acclaimed documentary celebrates his genius and reveals a shocking secret.


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Caradoc Evans: Ffrae ‘My People’

(Translation – Caradoc Evans – ‘The best hated man in Wales’)   S4C

Caradoc Evans was the ‘bad boy’ of Welsh literature. His collection of grotesque short stories, ‘My People: Stories of the Peasantry of West Wales’, caused a furore when it was published 100 years ago. He demonised the religious chapel-dominated society of Welsh-speaking Wales.

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